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Naming an Image

May 22, 2022

There was a beautiful sunrise some time ago.

I’m thinking about a name for this picture. Two options:

  1. The name of this picture is “Yellow”.
  2. The name of this picture is “Blue”.

Which one do you prefer for this picture?

If the name is “Yellow”, it’s interesting, but there is not very much anything surprising.

If the name is “Blue”, it’s more interesting. The sky in that picture is blue. Anyway, yellow colour is stronger in the picture. That’s why the name “Blue” breaks the familiar categorization. It breaks the convention. It changes the perspective. It’s not the most obvious choice.

Anyway, how about a third option: “Green”?
Actually, that could be the best name for this picture!

(I guess you know, that mixing blue and yellow you will get green colour.)

Update May 25:
A name for the image: “The Dawn Is Green”.

Update May 27:
Still thinking about the meaning of green colour:

  • Growth, regeneration, nature, grass, trees, plants…
  • In traffic lights it’s safe to move on.
  • “It’s a go!”
  • “I’ll give you the green light.”
  • “We’ve got the green light!”
  • Permission to approach, to come closer.

Painters, would you be able to tell me something?
If you see blue and yellow colours close to each other, will you be thinking, that mixing them would result in green colour?

Update August 20:
Named as “The dawn is green”, this photo is included in a series “Someone. Somewhere. Someday.” Check out the series on Images section.

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