Sam Kris

Guitar Improvisionist / Cinematic Interactor / Word Composer


In a film,
images, music and words may live together.
They can even have a dialogue with each other.
There are many possibilities for interaction.
In life.

In short films I’m trying to explore possibilities for combining images with other elements (for example images and music) in a way, that creates the feeling of balance or dialogue between these elements. One will not be serving the other. Rather, they will speak to each other.

For example, if one element is in a lower position and its affect decreases, that element’s influence on other elements could be brought up. The hierarchy of the artistic elements is changeable and variable. The hierarchy of the artistic elements may lose its significance. A balance is possible. A complementarity is possible.

The minimum amount of elements is two. In addition to images and music, there could be words (voice-over or written text). In that case the interaction between three elements will make the situation a little more exciting. A conversation between three elements is more complicated than a dialogue between two elements. It is more difficult in real life as well.

Or is it really? If two people are in conflict with each other, a third person can help to achieve balance between them. In that kind of situation, is that third person in a lower or higher position in relation to the other two people? More accurately, does the individuality and personality of the third person stay obscured or become more prominent in relation to the other people? Obscured personality creates more authority. Visible personality creates more trust.

I have no clear answer to that question. Anyway, I hope that as a result of this interaction, something interesting will emerge from it.

Of course in a film there are possibilities for even more elements. I guess you know, what I mean. When I’m talking about “images, music and words”, a certain very powerful element is not paid attention to. Actually, it’s not an “element”, which is an improper word in this regard. It’s of course a person. It’s the appearance, looks, features and expressions of a person. Or many different and unique persons together.


Kaipuu (Longing), released in May 2022.

Joskus on niin vaikeaa elää tässä päivässä, että on mentävä eteenpäin.

A longing for the future, a longing for the past. It can be hard to live today.

Production and realization: Sam Kris
Camera: Sony A7
Lens: Samyang 35mm

You can watch the film on



A few words about the film Kaipuu:

I had no script. I had no story.
I had a camera. I had a need to capture images using the camera.

I had a feeling, that there was a story.
I had an intuition, that the story will emerge from the images.

After I had captured the images, I started to search for the story.
Slowly, editing the images, the story emerged from the images.
I found the story, that was hidden in the images.


Mennyt (Bygone), released in June 2021.

A short film about things that pass. A conversation between stillness and movement.

This film was made in collaboration with Iiro Reijonen.

Three elements (images, music, words) are interacting in this film. The goal was to create the overall tone of the film by their complementary influence on each other.

Cinematography, editing, voice-over & music: Sam Kris
Text & music: Iiro Reijonen

Camera: Sony A7
Lens: Samyang 35mm

You can watch the film on Vimeo:

Cinematic Exposure and Expression

I graduated (Master of Arts, 2002) in University of Art and Design (Helsinki), specializing in cinematography. I’ve been working as a cinematographer in many short films directed by visual artist Salla Tykkä. I’ve been working as a cinematographer in other short films with other directors too.

Some excerpts from films directed by Salla Tykkä:






Airs Above the Ground