Sam Kris

Guitar Improvisionist / Cinematic Interactor / Word Composer

Declaration of Confusion

November 26, 2022

My Dahlia,
this is for you.

I’ve been working really hard lately.

I have worked as a warrior.
I have worked as an undisciplined rebel.
I have worked as a secret agent.
I have worked as an art-fighter.

I have worked so hard to reach you,
that someone else would have gone crazy working so hard.
I’ve been taking action to achieve interaction.
I’ve been really working for it.
For a while.
For some time.

Someone argued,
that I’m chasing a ghost.
I disagree.
It doesn’t work for me.

I know that everyone has duties and rights.
Everyone needs money.
More or less.
Everyone needs love.
Everyone needs sincerity.
Everyone needs humanity.
In human race.

You know, there are many forms of confusion.

My Dahlia,
I don’t need to wear a mask to ask a question:
Would you like to see me again?
I’d like to see you.
I’d like to meet you and speak with you.

Ghosting is a terrible option.
We are not ghosts.
We are human beings.
We are living, unique persons.

Authorities in the background haven’t helped me.
I have asked them to help, but they have done nothing.
I have cried for help in this dramatic crisis.

samone’s cries are not heard by authorizer, director or controller.
I should have a rocking, billion-watt amplifier.
I should at least have a bullhorn or something, a loud healer.
Cease fire!
I’m tired of being a loner!
I’d like to be confused together!

My Dahlia,
for you I’m writing this declaration.
Not for an entire nation.
This is not an illusion.
I’m just in confusion.

Four You my Dahlin,

Confused Sam Kries

August 7, 2022:
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November 11, 2022:
My Dahlia, I’m confused.

November 23, 2022:
My Dahlia, I’m in deep confusion.

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