Sam Kris

Guitar Improvisionist / Cinematic Interactor / Word Composer

Bad Framing

June 2, 2022

It’s been a rainy morning today. That’s why I’m thinking, that this picture would make this day a little brighter. It’s a pastel painting from the series that I made in 2009.

Today this painting brought to my mind some other thoughts too.

The picture is an example of “bad framing”.

When you look at this painting, you probably have a feeling, that the guy in the foreground is alone. Anyway, how do you know, that there isn’t someone else, or some more people, outside the frames of the painting? There could be someone right behind that guy. Or there could be someone just outside the frame on the right side of that guy. There could be a bunch of people just outside the frames of the picture! You just can’t see anyone else in the picture, because the framing is so bad.

It should be a wider view! If the framing was wider, we could see the people, who are there too! Why didn’t I make the framing wider back then in 2009?

Bad framing…
I wonder why…

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