A Moral Philosophy of Freedom

January 23, 2023

There is a prison in everyone’s mind. It’s an invisible jail. You can’t see it in brainscan image, but you can think, that it’s there. 

If you do bad things to other people knowing, that they will be hurt, you will put yourself in that prison. You are imprisoning yourself inside your mind’s jail. If you continue doing bad things to other people, you just push yourself deeper inside that prison.

Living in your own prison is miserable life. It’s not happy life at all. You have no freedom.

On the contrary, if you do good things to other people, you become free. The more you do good for other people, the more freedom you can feel. 

Doing good things to others sets you free. You are not isloated from other people inside your mind’s prison. You are not locked inside your mind’s jail.

Your inner self doesn’t want to be in jail. Your inner self needs light and fresh air. It needs a view to the landscape. A beautiful view. You want to see clearly ahead on your way. The inner self of other people needs to be free too. The communication fails, if people’s souls are locked inside a mind’s jail.

Sometimes you may do bad things to other people even though you thought, that you did good things to them. In that case situations may get more complicated.

However, if you think, that there could be a prison in everyone’s mind, you can evaluate your actions before you do anything. You can keep yourself free and alive. You can help the people around you to feel free and alive.

Freedom and ethics are connected to each other. They depend on each other.

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