Sam Kris

Guitar Improvisionist / Cinematic Interactor / Word Composer

Simply Complex

Simply Complex is a collection of home made music, that I make in my home studio. The guitar parts are played on a real guitar. Everything else is made with a computer software, using samples etc.

Simply Complex YouTube Playlist:

Simply Complex – Part 114

The guitarist gets a little angry during the guitar solo. That’s an example of expressing an emotion.

My expression of angriness on YouTube:

Simply Complex – Part 107

Some listener says: “The guitarist plays too many wrong notes. I wonder why.”
Me: “I’m sorry.”

My wrong notes on YouTube:

Simply Complex – Part 100

I would like to dance to this song, but it’s really hard.
However, I want to dance to this music. Desperately.
There is some kind of a beat anyway. Dancing to it can’t be that hard.
I will not give up. I will dance to this music. Somehow I will.

My dance music on YouTube:

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