Sam Kris

Guitar Improvisionist / Cinematic Interactor / Word Composer

Escape from Tradition

Escape from Tradition is a series of solo guitar improvisations for realizing escaping.
I started playing the series in January 2024. I will add new improvisations in the series as soon as I play them.

Prisoners of a tradition are unable to create a new tradition.
Prisoners of the past are unable to create the future.
Prisoners of negative influence are unable to realize personality and creativity.

We must record our tradition. We must research and know our traditions. However, we must also create new traditions.
Escaping from restricting tradition is necessary for reformation of culture, art and personal expression.
Possibilities for creation and change are vital.

I’m still practicing the art of escaping from tradition.

In these improvisations I’m trying to escape from using traditional scales. Instead, I’m trying to use a 12-note chromatic scale and as a mental framework Theory for Dignity of Notes.


YouTube playlist:


Escape from Tradition 1.01:

Escape from Tradition 1.02:

Escape from Tradition 1.03:

Escape from Tradition 1.07:

Escape from Tradition 1.09:

Escape from Tradition 1.08:

Escape from Tradition 1.10:

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