We Need More Art-Fighters

January 3, 2023

What is an art-fighter? What is a psychiartist?

There is no a spelling mistake in the word “psychiartist”. Letters “r” and “t” are in correct order. It’s “artist”.

Psychiartist is not a doctor. Psychiartist uses art as a healing device or medium for therapy. Psychiartist can heal oneself and other people. Psychiartist is in interaction with other people through art, that is used for healing mental health issues.

The only medicine, that psychiartist prescribes, is art. Any form of art. Music is especially effective medicine. For some other people effective medicine could be literature, paintings, photographs, movies etc. Some people may need dancing! Experiencing or making art improve interaction among people.

Problems in interaction leads to troubles of expressing emotions. Expressing emotions safely is essential for our mental health. We must show our emotions to other people. Opening interaction through art is a very effective way to express emotions. Psychiartists not only express their own emotions, but they also represent emotions of their audience. Psychiartist’s role is to be a mediator or a dealer of emotions. Psychiartist can build bridges between people, who can’t connect otherwise.

Sometimes, when things go bad, we may need art-fighters. Collective anxiety can grow too intense. In order to reduce the impact of collective anxiety, art-fighters can fire artistic bullets or launch art-missiles. They are fast! Art-fighters are in frontline, fearlessly. However, art-fighter’s force is not destructive force. It’s an emerging force, that uplifts humanity and equality.

Psychiartist and art-fighters respect everyone’s unique individuality, personality and privacy. They try to elevate everyone, who is humiliated, or suffers without love.

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