Delusion of Powerlessness


December 31, 2022

We were taught, that happy people are those, who don’t try to influence on things, that they can’t change.

Instead, we were taught, that happy people are those, who try to influence on things, that they can change.

When an individual starts to think, that one can’t change some things, an individual accepts those things, even if they are harmful.
An individual starts to adapt to a situation. An individual tries to exclude oneself from the bad influence of those things.

Delusion of powerlessness is dangerous.

Adapting to a harmful situation leads to loneliness and isolation.
When many individuals begin to take care of only themselves, situations will become difficult for everyone.

Delusion of powerlessness leads to weak ethics and morality.
Weak perception of morality leads to a separation between groups of people.
Separation leads to indifference.
Indifference leads to loneliness of many individuals.
Eventually loneliness leads to destruction.
Loneliness of individuals leads to destruction of society.

Let’s try to prevent destruction!
Powerlessness is a delusion!

Accepting and adapting to a bad situation makes life even worse for everyone.
Not only for you.

However, healing the feeling of loneliness and constructing better systems
must be done with strong sense of justice and fairness.
Violence is not acceptable.
Discrimination is not acceptable.

Love is acceptable.
Love is not a delusion.

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