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About the Cat

August 26, 2022

Some thoughts about quantum mechanics:

Have you heard about Schrödinger’s cat? It’s a thought experiment related to quantum mechanics and a paradox of quantum superposition.

In the experiment a scientist puts a cat in a steel chamber, an enclosed box. The scientist can’t see inside the box.

(You must not put a cat in a closed box. The cat doesn’t like that. The cat suffers in there.)

However, the scientist puts the cat in a closed box. But that’s not enough for the scientist. The scientist puts in the same box some radioactive substance and some toxic acid too!

After that, the scientist starts to think, what the condition of the cat is. Is it alive or is it dead? Is it alive and dead at the same time?

Hopefully, the scientist will quite soon understand, that the cat could be alive or it could be dead. The cat is alive and dead at the same time, although in reality the cat can’t be alive and dead at the same time.

The scientist comes to the conclusion and makes some notes.

After that, the scientist opens the box and lets the cat come out of the box alive.

The scientist was quick enough. The scientist didn’t kill the cat. In this story.

The cat is alive. Anyway, I can’t really know, how deeply traumatized the cat is after suffering the bad treatment by the scientist.

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