Sam Kris

Guitar Improvisionist / Cinematic Interactor / Word Composer

Sisu Rock

Sisu Rock is music. Sisu Rock is philosophy. Sisu Rock is mindset for creative expression. Sisu Rock Music is based on willpower chords, intersubjective improvisation, theory for dignity of notes and faith in creative spirit.

Sisu Rock Artistic Artillery

Sisu Rock Artistic Artillery was established in February 2024 for protecting humanity, human dignity and creativity. It’s armed with artistic cannons, that can fire amazingly impressive power chords (voimasoinnut). In addition to traditional power chords, that don’t have major or minor third intervals at all, artillery’s weaponry includes also willpower chords (tahdonvoimasoinnut). The most intense willpower chord is Hendrix chord (for example E7#9), because it has both major and minor third intervals in it. With this simultaneously “bipolar” function it’s especially useful for fighting against bad psychiatrists. Hendrix chord is toxic harmony for them.

Along with power chords and willpower chords Sisu Rock’s artistic force has a fighting strategy and technique called Intersubjective Improvisation. It’s based on Theory for Dignity of Notes (Sävelarvoteoria). Using dignity of notes Sisu Rock Artistic Artillery can create totally new and surprising willpower chords, awesome melodic structures and expressions for each fight. With Intersubjective Improvisation it’s possible to achieve intersubjectivity of emotions, that creates understanding and connection among people. Artistic impact and transference will be achieved with a solid rock’n’roll attitude.

Sisu Rock Artistic Artillery is a defender of truth, love, interaction, creativity, expression and uniqueness of everyone, who is in danger of losing those essential qualities of life, or who has been already treated badly. Equipped with lots of willpower, Sisu Rock Artistic Artillery is a strong and fearless defender. It’s constructed for creating the meaningful future.

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Sävelarvoteoria (Theory for Dignity of Notes in Finnish only at the moment)


Sisu Rock Creative Spirit

Sisu Rock Creative Spirit is philosophy and mindset for realizing creation and expression.

Everyone is creative. Everyone is unique. Everyone needs ways to express emotions and thoughts. Expression of personality and subjective emotions is essential to create and maintain connection with other people.

Anyway, expressing emotions can be hard and difficult. Obstacles for expression can be enormous. Also obstacles for understanding can be massive. However, when other people express their emotions, we should try to understand it. If we can’t understand, what they are saying, we can ask: “What do you mean?” Words can have different meanings. Words can have prejudiced meanings. If we can’t make our own emotions and thoughts to become understood, we should not give up trying either. Each one of us should find creative personal ways for expressing emotions, thoughts and ideas.

We should not be prisoners of closed-minded patterns. We should neither be prisoners of the past, that prevents us from growing and living personally creative life. The past can be a heavy burden, but human dignity is the solid rock foundation for all of us. Dignity should be permanent and eternal for everyone’s life. No one is allowed to use explosives or any other bad treatment for destroying anyone’s inviolable human dignity. Human dignity is the root note, that makes possible our freedom for creation. It’s the root note for morality. It’s the root note, that we should be able to trust in any storm and chaos.

Chords are based on roots, but chords change. Chords are changing resonances of life. Chords are composed with notes. One note is not yet a chord. One note is not yet a melody. One chord is not yet a life.

Interplay of notes builds up creation. It creates expression. It creates life with other people. Unions of notes form dissonances and consonances, that express emotions and thoughts. Creatively expressed emotions become intersubjective reality, that is essential for life. You can’t deny your emotions. Emotions are real. Neither should anyone deny your emotions as unreal or based on illusions. When personality is expressed and emotions are shared, each one’s similarity and uniqueness with each other become real.

Another shared fundamental root note of life is Earth. Earth is rock. Earth is sea. Creativity sets you free. Gravity is here for free. Creativity is faith in oneself and faith in others. Reality is other people. You are real for me. I am real for you.

With faith in creative energy we can create the future relying on truth and expression. With creativity we can reveal the mystery. With creativity we can tell the truth.

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