Sam Kris

Guitar Improvisionist / Cinematic Interactor / Word Composer

Film Music

I’ve made film music for Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara’s experimental short films. However, one might ask: “Are they really experimental?” What is “experimental” as a definition for some kind of art? “Poetic short films” could be a more precise categorization for these works. Actually, let’s try changing the order of the words: “Short poetic films”. Better.

(More on the subject “experimental” on Writings section, Notes on Categorization.)

K.E.R.O.S.E.N.E. poems from the planet (2014):

Those Drawn Alive (2014):

Tuohinen – a long range patrolman (2014):

Aino, an elegy (2013):

My Mother Is the Rain (2012):

River of Light (2011):

Colliding Continents (2011):

Children of Water (2011):

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