Sam Kris

Guitar Improvisionist / Cinematic Interactor / Word Composer

Colour Scale Improvisations

Colour Scale is a collection of solo electric guitar improvisations in different colours.

Enjoy the interaction and entanglement of colourful notes.

Every note has a specific colour.
The colour of a note becomes unique in relation to another colour.
When two or more colour-notes are in interaction with each other,
progress and collaboration become possible.

The colours of the notes are dancing with each other.
The vivid colours of the notes are writing a story.
The interacting, entangling note-colours
are expressing emotions of yours and mine.

YouTube playlist:

Colour Scale 3.19:

Colour Scale 3.03:

Colour Scale 3.22:

Colour Scale 3.17:

Colour Scale 3.04:

Colour Scale 3.11:

Colour Scale 3.18:

Colour Scale 2.01:

Colour Scale 2.03:

Colour Scale 2.04:

Colour Scale 2.05:

Colour Scale 3.07:

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