Sam Kris

Guitar Improvisionist / Cinematic Interactor / Word Composer

3-minute Improvisations on Guitar

A collection of improvisations over a backing track, or without a backing track. I use specific scales, or go out of the scale, or there isn’t any specific scale at all. These are melodies. There are very little chord changes, if any. Continuous takes, no editing. There are 20 videos in this series. I played these improvisations in the beginning of year 2021.

By the way, my favourite modes are Phrygian, Dorian and Mixolydian. They are just awesome. You can read more of my thoughts about scales in Writing section under heading The Essence of Modes.

Youtube playlist:

I like these tracks myself:

C Lydian is absolutely necessary for trying to achieve something higher (Part 015):

G Mixolydian (Part 005):

E Phrygian (Part 006), (I’ve had a long and passionate love affair with Phrygian mode. Turn up the volume!):

E-something, in 5/4 time signature (Part 009):

G Minor, that’s it (Part 010):

E Dorian, oh yeah (Part 011):

F# Dorian, oh yeah yeah (Part 013):

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